We can't stop here if we expect to find more information about the causes and a possible cure for Abby, HPE, and the thousands with this condition. Coach clearly understands that it takes research to better understand both conditions and research takes funding. Coach will continue to support his granddaughter, Abby, and he and his wife will continue to run in charity events, and spread the word in hopes of attracting investors and people willing to donate to the Carter Centers. For us to be successful, our objectives cannot be reached without hard work and volunteers, to carry the torch.
Coach has a full time job, and is also an amateur writer. He currently has four books in the, 'COACH CLIFTON'S PLAYBOOK COLLECTION.'    ... His family owns a small home based/ Internet business (www.listmytask.com) that his wife manages. Coach released his fourth Playbook, "Thecliftonplan.com" a few weeks ago. 10% of the profits earned from the sale of this book will be donated to 'Carter Centers'. Anyone who is interested in joining the DJC Lifestyles Management sales staff to earn extra money, or has a retail business that is willing to help sale the book please email Janet  at janet.clifton@insightbb.com for more information.