As many of you know by now ,I completed over a million 1,000,000 steps in 31 days to help raise money for the 'Families For Hope Charities" and now we need your help. 
One million steps is the equivalent of running and walking a 1/2 marathon every day. What can you do to HELP support the fundraiser?

Coach works a full time job and gets up early every morning and stays up late at night to get in the steps he needs each day to stay on target.

HPE families that can and want to help need to hit the street and really talk up this fundraiser, tell everybody that will listen that they can go to click on the Cute Frog' and make a donation of any amount would be very much appreciated.
Tell your neighbors
Tell your family
Tell your friends
Tell your social clubs
Post it on facebook and twitter
Announce it at church and put in to prayer for me if you don't mind
Send out emails
Put up signs in your front yards
Tell your employer about the fundraiser
Post it on public bulletin boards
Create small business cards and hand it to people you come in contact                      with.
Put it on mail boxes in your areas.
If your local newspaper has a community announcement section make                            sure it is listed
Put a sign on your vehicle