Hi! My name is Abby and I have a story to tell! I have come a long way in my lifetime, and I do plan to enter the 'The Miss Universe Pageant'. By the way, I'm only 4 years old and I thank God for that blessing every day! The doctors told my family, I would likely only live a few hours after I was born. Sure am glad they blew that call..
When I was only a few hours old, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a familiar voice come into my critical-care neonatal unit (considering the fact that I was born almost 700 miles from home.) I knew right away it was the guy that we all call "Coach" and much to my surprise, he looked just like my twin sister thought he would!
As usual, Coach sat down and made himself right at home. My dad introduced him to my medical team, and at first the doctors and nurses seemed a little uncomfortable, but I explained to them that it was okay and I wanted him to hold me for awhile. I was looking forward to hearing one of his stories about how miracles can happen, and even little people like me can overcome some pretty amazing odds, when the spirit of life enters into our bodies. I could tell the Coach was a little scared and was fighting to hold back the tears, but I held his hand and then it was okay. In his very soft and calm voice he started telling me about life and how lucky he was to have the privilege to be with me and how he was looking forward to watching me grow up and become a good person. Then, he started telling me about my Mom and Dad and my twin sister, Sydney, who intentionally kept her elbow into my ribs for the last 4 months we were living together, inside my Mommy. I got to know a lot about my Gammy and all of my other grandparents. He also told me about my aunts, uncles, cousins, and all the other people that I would get to know when I grow up. He told me that sometime in the next few weeks, we would start to work on my jump shot. Because of my small size, I would likely make a good one or two guard, and I would definitely be a better shooter than my dad, but would probably never be the defender he was, especially in big games. My Mom is a very good shooter, and I will likely take after her. My sister, Sydney, is about twice my size, and if she keeps on growing, she will probably play inside, and rebound any of my missed shots!
While I was in the nursey, Coach told me about life, hope, love and about important things like fighting with my sister, going to school, playing sports, dancing, dating, driving (I like That Idea), falling in love, getting married, God,and lots of other neat stuff. He told me about how much everyone was praying for me, and because of my determination to beat all of the odds, I would always be an inspirations to the entire family. He closed by telling me how proud he was of me, and my sister, and my Mommy and Daddy. He sang me a song that he made up just for me, and got to see my first smile. My body temperature finally came up, and I fell fast asleep in his arms! Well, that brings an end to this part of my story. You may want to click on "A Holiday Story" and read the Coach's version of the events leading up to this point in my life!

Thank You For Your Prayers and Kind Thoughts, Abby